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What We Do

We create hand-made art that can be custom sized, colored and designed exactly to your needs.

"By combining my love for creating art with a bespoke process, my line offers beautifully crafted pieces that fit your space perfectly."

-Nicolette Capuano (Artist)

:: Alchemy Collection ::

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Alchemy Collection::

Minimalist design aesthetics are paired with the rich, organic texture of mineral paint to evoke a sense sophistication and elegance.

:: Fibonacci Collection ::

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::Fibonacci Collection::

Ancient geometry never looked so good. These graphic pieces revitalize Midcentury Design in a chic and fresh way.

:: Matissio Collection ::

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::Matissio Collection::

Inspired by a trip to France and created with organic mineral paint, this collection is paradise on a canvas...

:: Follow Your Own Path Collection ::

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::Follow Your Own Path Collection::

There may be bends in the road, but the journey will be fully yours to live...

:: Affirmations Collection ::

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::Affirmations Collection::

Live with positive intention each day. Positive affirmations have the have the power to transform lives.  Our thoughts and beliefs shape both our perception and experience of ourselves, and the world around us.

:: Multi Canvas Sets ::

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::Muli-Canvas Sets::

Art made easy! Our multi canvas sets instantly create a dynamic and cohesive aesthetic to elevate any room.

25% Off All Pieces - Use Code PREFER20 at Checkout
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